How to Improve Your Relationships Using Meditation and Deep Breathing

June 02, 2019

How to Improve Your Relationships Using Meditation and Deep Breathing

Perhaps you are in the midst of a conflict with a family member or co-worker. Perhaps you are having a difficult time understanding your boss. If so, this article is for you. Much has been studied and written on the subject of conflict resolution with time honored techniques such as timeout, seeking common ground, using "I" statements, and requesting "behavior" changes etc. often recommended. This article will explored a different Avenue for conflict resolution- the holistic techniques of Meditation and Guided Imagery.

Before beginning, please ensure you are not doing anything dangerous such as driving or anything that will require your concentration. Make yourself comfortable in a comfortable chair and if appropriate, play soft relaxing music in the background. If you feel comfortable with this close your eye and count backwards from 100.

Take deep breaths from your belly paying attention to the flow of air in and out. Perhaps visualize yourself going down a long escalator as you count. When you reach the bottom, imagine you are in a beautiful and relaxing location. Sit down and imagine meeting a wise guide. You can think of this guide as the Holy Spirit, your intuition, your subconscious mind, or even the universe. However you choose to see him or her, try to vividly imagine him or her in your imagination. The guide can be someone famous, a movie character, or even a relative or friend. You might begin by asking him or her “what is it that I really need to know.” Listen carefully for the answer. Consider asking your guide if you are the ideal person for the job, relationship etc (these are only suggestions). Listen to both the affirmative and negative reasons your guide gives you. Continue to seek wisdom from your guide, and stay in this safe place with your guide for as long as you need. When you feel ready to resume everyday activities, imagine yourself going back up the elevator and this time count upwards slowly from one to ten. Once your reach the top of the elevator, you may want to play invigorating, inspiring, energetic music.

Remember, finding the right person or job is not nearly as important as being the right person. Though the answers you get from your guide are important (and it is up to you whether you implement the changes) what is most important is the person you become during this journey. Gandhi once said "if you seek to change the world, start by transforming yourself". We hope this meditation experience becomes a transformative experience for you. Additionally, be sure to seek the counsel of your Primary Physician and/or counsellor.