The Health Benefits of Papayas

June 02, 2019

The Health Benefits of Papayas

Walking through the grocery store, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of choices in the produce section. While you undoubtedly have your favorite fruits and vegetables (which you purchase on a regular basis), you may want to explore beyond your normal rotation. In fact, you may be looking for a new fruit that is not only extremely healthy, but that provides additional value—like skin care benefits.

 Luckily, there is a fruit that hits all of these marks. It is the papaya. It provides so many benefits that Christopher Columbus once called papayas “the fruit of the angels.”


Whether or not you are already a regular consumer of papayas, it helps to learn why they are so healthy and how they can improve your life. Ultimately, the papaya is a wonderful fruit that can provide you with a wealth of benefits—even if you use papaya lotion.

Papaya Health Benefits

To understand why papayas are so healthy for us, it helps to analyze some of the foundational elements that make up the papaya. Papaya is a fruit that has a high fiber content. It also contains a significant amount of Vitamin C and antioxidants such as carotenoids (lycopene is an example). In fact, one single papaya has nearly 200 percent of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. It is also low in sugar and is loaded with Vitamin A.

All of these elements working together can provide a significant number of health benefits. For example, the fiber, Vitamin C and antioxidants in papayas can help lower your cholesterol. Papaya’s high Vitamin C content can boost your immunity and ward of cold and flu symptoms. The antioxidants in papaya (lycopene among others) may improve inflammatory diseases such as arthritis or even Alzheimer's Disease . The healthy stores of Vitamin A in papayas can improve your eye health and papayas may even have a role in weight management. Other health benefits of papayas include improving digestion, reducing stress, and even preventing cancer. Early research is suggesting that papayas may be useful in treating Diabetes Type II. If you have diabetes, and are taking medications to treat this condition, consult your Primary Physician before consuming papayas as potentially the combination of papayas and your diabetic medications could cause your blood sugars to fall too low. Whether you have any of these ailments or are looking to prevent them from occurring, adding papayas to your diet can improve your overall wellness.


Skin Care Benefits

In addition to the health benefits described above, papayas can also play an important part in skin care.

There are potential dermatological benefits of papayas. Many Papaya lotions contain "Papain extract" which contains a natural enzyme from papayas which can promote skin renewal through exfoliation. A reported benefit of papaya lotion is that it can even out pigmentation in your skin. Some claim that it can even be used to treat acne and sun damaged skin.

 Whether you are just starting a skin care regimen or you have been working to heal and protect your skin for some time, consider incorporating papaya into your routine. 


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The Fruit of the Angels

 With all of these health benefits, you will likely agree with Columbus’s characterization of papayas. They can not only help you prevent or fight ailments, but they may also have a role in skin care—whether you are actually eating the fruit or using a papaya lotion.  

We hope that you incorporate papaya into your daily routine for an added wellness boost.