Berry Limone Sugar - 1 Oz

Why Buy our Unique and tasty Berry Lemon Sugar? 

This unique and healthy sugar blend is made from organic cane sugars with powder and extracts of strawberry, lemon and lime which make this blend delectable! Use on fruits to veggie drinks to bring ideal flavor out of each one. Used sprinkled over grilled or fried bananas to give the bananas an extra kick you wouldn't think possible!

Berry Sugar -Organic cane sugars with powder and extracts of real berries & fruits make this blend delectable!

Versatile + goodness. A perfect "cherry on top" for fruits, desserts, sauces and glazes.

How does it taste?: 

Encompasses  sweet, sour, and deliciousness.

Why Buy?

This  sugar is set to bring out the best in your favorite foods and slow-sipping drinks


Other: USDA Organic 

Shelf Life: 5 years

Ingredients:  Organic, Raw Yellow Cane Sugar, Raspberry Powder, Tomato Powder, Lemon peel powder, Orange peel powder, Strawberry powder:

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