Calendula Essential Oil - 15 Ml

Calendula oil is traditionally used as an ingredient in ointments. This oil has a fresh, floral aroma with notes of fruit.


Botanical Name: (Calendula officinalis)

Makes an excellent base for salves, facial creams and many other cosmetics. Gentle, cooling, and soothing, calendula oil is successful in repairing dry and damaged skin. Skin inflammations, rashes, diaper irritations, and other skin disorders are quelled with this soothing essential oil. Makes a wonderful baby's oil since it is exceptional useful for those with sensitive skin.

Calendula Herbal Oil has long been recognized for use homoeopathic preparations in order to restore health. It is said to have antioxidant, antiseptic, anti—inflammatory and regenerating properties, and has been proven to aid in wound healing. Combined with olive oil, it becomes an excellent salve. Due to its anti—inflammatory properties, Calendula Oil can be used to ease the inflammation of lesions, and slow the spread of the eczema and psoriasis. Considered a good choice when preparing a massage oil blend with other carrier and essential oil.

Note: Although remedial, people with major health ailments like cancer, or epilepsy should avoid use. Non—toxic, non—irritant, possible sensitization in some individuals. Not to be used while pregnant.

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